Year 225 of the Second Age

Nianan, grand-daughter of Pyros and Duiniece of the House of Fairmyrtle dies at her estate in Tracia. She has no children and the House of Fairmyrtle is declared dissolved. Her servants attempt to smuggle out her Bloodcoins, but eighteen year old King Kapol of the Tracian House of Alder personally rushes to her estate with a small army. He pursues and intercepts the party of Men with the Bloodcoins, arrests them on charges of theft, and seizes the Bloodcoins for the purpose, he declares, of safekeeping. When Serith Ellyn hears of this, she sends envoys to Tracia urging Kapol to release the arrested men and to send them and the Bloodcoins to Vanara. Kapol refuses, and he openly persecutes those supporters of Fairmyrtle still at large within Tracia, many of which are Men who had long been friends and servants of Fairmyrtle.

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