Year 230 of the Second Age

The Temple of Beras is established near Duinnor City. It is built on the crest of Mount Onuma, a low mountain overlooking the city, nearby to where the Old Kings of Duinnor have their burial grounds. Its construction begins on spring day, and is completed by Midwinter's. It becomes a mysterious center of worship and meditation. Its founders are unknown unto this day, but a mysterious relationship will exist between it and the New Kings of Duinnor. The first and each subsequent Unknown King will emerge from that place, and each spring the King of Duinnor will go to the Temple in a great precession to enact some mysterious ceremony that is thought to ensure his continued rule for the upcoming year. Upon emerging from the Temple, the King will have a new Avatar, or else the Avatar will be in a new form. It is from this point forward (the Vernal Equinox) that the Duinnor Royal Calendar marks the beginning of its New Year, named for the shape or form of the Avatar. Unless otherwise noted, the Royal Duinnor Calendar is used in this chronology henceforward.

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