Year 231 of the Second Age

The Year of the Inkwell

(1st Year of the 1st Unknown King of Duinnor)

The Rule of the Unknown Kings of Duinnor Begins

The Throne of Duinnor is established as the First Unknown King seizes power from the group of lords (some say warlords) who jointly govern the lands of Duinnor. No one knows who he is, where he came from, or how he obtained his power or his mysterious Avatar, which is now first seen in the world in the form of an inkwell. The year will be called the Year of the Inkwell, and thus begins a tradition of naming each subsequent year after the form the Avatar takes for that year. The meaning of the shape and form of the Avatar, and the nature of its relationship to the King, remains a mystery.

The King is always attired from head to toe in a glowing golden mantle. It shines of its own light, and any who look upon it are befuddled. If they look upon the King too long, they will fall into madness.

Like all subsequent Unknown Kings, the King of Duinnor has the ability to know the hearts of any within his presence and can communicate without words if he chooses to do so. As well, the Avatar, which can move freely about Duinnor City, has the peculiar power to summon anyone the King wishes to see; none but the Melnari have it in their power to refuse the summons.

The new King immediately begins to assemble a loyal court. He also orders the construction of a vast palace with a high tower in which he will have his High Chamber. By the end of the year, the King has begun the disassembling of the previous order of rule, and through rewards and intimidation his power is extended throughout Duinnor.

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