Year 235 of the Second Age

The Year of the Blue Butterfly

(5th Year of the 1st Unknown King of Duinnor)

The trading town of Attis is established by Elifaen. It is located on the northern course of the River Saerdulin not far from Lake Halgaeth which feeds the river. Trading vessels carry crops and goods to and from Attis as far south as Tracia along the Saerdulin, while its proximity to Lake Halgaeth enables boatmen to easily transport goods north and south across the lake, enabling prosperous trade with Glareth. As well, Attis lies on one of the main routes from the coastal regions to the West. As a result of its location, Attis becomes an important and prosperous community occupied mostly by Elifaen, but with many Men in the surrounding settlements.

Xurnon II assumes his father's throne in the Dragonlands. Along the western slopes of the Tulivana Mountains, where most of the wheat fields are planted, Xurnon II builds large irrigation canals to channel water for crops. In the southwest, he increases the yield of darakal crops by building a system of small interconnected reservoirs to catch rain and snowmelt runoff from the western mountains. These efforts will gradually increase the food supply in the Dragonlands, and he uses the surplus to feed additional slaves who labor in mines. With an abundant supply of coal, weapons production will increase.

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