Year 262 of the Second Age

The Year of the Blue Flower

(18th Year of the 2nd Unknown King of Duinnor)

Bowing to growing concern over the encroachment of Men, Queen Serith Ellyn issues the House Edicts which outline the rules of Elifaen House Names, their inheritance, and in what circumstances House Names may be passed down to children of Men (only in the case of an Elifaen mother and matron of the House). While this serves to quell discontent amongst Vanaran Elifaen, the rules are never strictly enforced except in a few unusual cases that were brought before the Vanaran courts. However, the Edicts will serve as a model for other realms. Both Duinnor and Glareth adopt the Edicts almost without modification, although in practice Duinnor will favor Men over Elifaen. The rulers of the Realms work to reach an agreement on how the Edicts are to be applied, but they are reluctant to give up their power to apply or to enforce the Edicts. A Council of Houses is eventually formed that will be the deciding body on when and how the Edicts are to be applied in specific cases.

Vaza, King of the Dragonkind, dies. His daughter, Nebalasa, takes the throne as the first and only Queen of the Dragonkind. She is sixteen years old and will rule for twenty years. Nebalasa must cope with a rapidly increasing population of Dragonkind, the result of increased food supplies. She begins an ambitious project of organizing new armies, ordering every other male child of each household into service. At the same time, she instructs that the Priesthood of the Dragon show preferential treatment in distributing darakal to her soldiers.

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