Year 266 of the Second Age

The Year of the Starfish

(22nd Year of the 2nd Unknown King of Duinnor)

The New Calendar of Duinnor is adopted on the morning of the eleventh day after the Winter Solstice, in keeping with the ancient calendars, but correcting the drift of those previous calendars. The Royal Duinnor Calendar is kept separately, still beginning on the day after the Spring Equinox. Over time, the New Calendar will replace date systems peculiar to other regions due to the growing importance of trade between realms and the overriding influence of Duinnor over such trade.

King Kapol of Tracia is under continued pressure from Serith Ellyn to send the Bloodcoins that he seized from Fairmyrtle to Vanara. In response, Kapol has them removed from Forlandis and taken to a secret location to be safeguarded.

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