Year 278 of the Second Age

The Year of the Sandglass

(34th Year of the 2nd Unknown King of Duinnor)

The forest-dwelling Elifaen, particularly of the east, continue to oppose the spreading of Men and the felling of forests for fields and for building materials for new towns and settlements. In the east, some of these Elifaen form into several bands under the leadership of the House of Pinewood and strike throughout the Eastlands Realm, Tracia, and Glareth. They maraud, stealing cattle, burning farms and villages, and committing occasional acts of kidnapping.

Heneil, who is living at Attis, takes charge of its defense and begins the reconstruction of the fortress that overlooks the town and the bridge that crosses the River Saerdulin.

The place where King Kapol of Tracia has hidden the Bloodcoins that he took from the House of Fairmyrtle is discovered and attacked by a large group of armed bandits. The castle is stormed, and the place is looted and burned. Soon the theft of the Bloodcoins is widely known, and this serves to bring further shame and outrage upon Tracia and its monarch.

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