Year 281 of the Second Age

The Year of the Needle

(37th Year of the 2nd Unknown King of Duinnor)

In the Eastlands, the Elifaen of Attis join with Men in their defense against the raids of rebellious Elifaen. This leads to a short civil war amongst the Elifaen, threatening to spread throughout all of the Realms. Glareth comes to the aid of Attis, while King Kapol of Tracia backs the House of Pinewood. However, all other Realms also back the Eastlands and Glareth by sending aid and armed forces to the Eastlands to assist. Within Tracia itself resistance to Pinewood and Kapol strengthens when several clans of men, including the powerful Waterstone, join together to fight against King Kapol and Pinewood from within Tracia.

Queen Nebalasa of the Dragonkind dies. Her son, Vaza II, takes power, and continues her policies of giving the army preferential treatment in all things, including food, darakal, and status.

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