Year 285 of the Second Age

The Year of the Rabbit

(41st Year of the 2nd Unknown King of Duinnor)

In Tracia, Pinewood and King Kapol are defeated, and aging King Kapol of the House of Alder is deposed. His House and the House of Pinewood are dissolved. Before the leaders of Pinewood can be put on trial, they are attacked and murdered. Prince Dulmian of the House of Bayberry is appointed to the Throne of Tracia by a council made up of the victorious leaders of Tracians, Eastlanders, Masurthians, and Glarethians. He will be recognized as the rightful ruler by Duinnor with other realms following suit soon thereafter. As a reward for his support against Pinewood and Kapol, Dulmian elevates clan chief Waterstone to the status of Lord of the Realm and returns to his people lands that had been taken by King Kapol for Waterstone's opposition to him. Meanwhile, the former king, Kapol, dies in prison. King Dulmian, in an act of mercy, orders that Kapol's large family be spared from the executioner, but they are to be exiled and interned for the remainder of their lives on Grisland Island.

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