Year 318 of the Second Age

The Year of the Green Bottle

(1st Year of the 5th Unknown King of Duinnor)

The Fifth Unknown King assumes the throne of Duinnor. He quickly imposes conditions on the other Realms for Duinnor's support in defense against the Dragonkind. As a result, Duinnor gains a foothold into the governing of all other Realms.

Duinnor begins the construction of the Locks of Karthia along the Osterflo River roughly halfway between Duinnor and Glareth. The locks and corresponding canal will enable boats to bypass the treacherous Karthian Falls. This project will take nearly fifty years and is paid for through various fees and tributes imposed on other Realms.

Xurnon III's reign begins to falter when the darakal crop fails. Since his armies obtain the herb in preference to all others, the ranks swell with volunteers, giving up their trades in order to obtain the precious herb. In order to keep people working in the mines and fields, Xurnon has his generals commit a certain portion of their soldiers to labor. However, his generals resist, and, fearing for his dynasty, Xurnon concedes to a massive invasion of the northern realms. Rather than attacking the powerful Vanarans, their plan is to capture swaths of eastern lands, making them colonies for exploiting the agricultural riches. However, Xurnon worries that the crop failures will prevent adequate supplies for the army. When Xurnon decides to cancel the invasion, an Elifaen appears in his court and tells Xurnon that if his armies can drive eastward, and put a wedge through the Eastlands, the Elifaen and Men of the region will be easily enslaved. The key, the mysterious Elifaen says, is to take Tulith Attis. Xurnon is still doubtful, but the Elifaen says that Tulith Attis will fall, since a high born Elifaen at Tulith Attis will help them. Although records of these meetings will survive, the identity of the Elifaen who met with Xurnon as well as the traitor at Tulith Attis will remain shrouded in mystery. Xurnon, still mistrustful, nonetheless agrees in order to save his throne from the growing unrest amongst his generals.

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