A Note Pertaining to
the Age of Strife

: Generally speaking, scholars consider the Age of Strife to be part of the Time Before Time since there survived no calendars of the period. However, scholars of the Dragonkind more commonly refer to this period as the Age of Strife, and there is evidence that they began making calendars during this period or perhaps even before. However, just as with the Time Before Time, it is not known how long this period lasted, for the only records of the period were kept by the Dragonkind and are fragmented. None of the original Dragonkind records of this period survives (but are referred to in various other later works of scholarship), and the Elifaen did not begin to develop writing until near the end of this period. But it can be estimated that the Time of Strife lasted for at least seven thousand and perhaps as many as twenty-five thousand years.

Therefore, this website uses numbered "Event" designations (in Roman numerals) rather than "years" for those entries pertaining to the Time Before Time and the Age of Strife.

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