Year 326 of the Second Age

The Year of the Button

(10th Year of the 5th Unknown King of Duinnor)

A large number of Men of the east migrate to Vanara by invitation of Queen Serith Ellyn. Many of these lost their lands during the Dragonkind invasion but she was impressed with their bravery and loyalty during the battles to expel the invaders. This effectively ends all persecution of Men in Vanara by the Elifaen, and it garners an abiding loyalty of the Men of Vanara to the Queen and her Realm. Amongst those who remove to Vanara are the survivors of the mortal House of Seafar, whose descendants will rise to hold great power in Vanara. This migration also begins the growth of the population of Men in Vanara and within a few hundred years they will be equal in number to the Elifaen.

In Duinnor, the King commands that scholars make an attempt to decipher certain old tablets, scrolls, and manuscripts. The two dozen items are delivered to the Academy, and, under guard, many scholars gather in an attempt to do as the King wishes. Some are written in peculiar runes, while others are cast into clay tablets in the form of cuneiform symbols. It is apparent that they pertain to the early Elifaen history of the First Age, or perhaps before, but none can make sense of them. Some believe they are part of the vast horde of writings that were smuggled into Duinnor during the Purge of Scholars over 400 years earlier. They have little success until a Melnari called Raynor arrives and is able to translate the writing. Most pertain to mundane events during the reign of King Silmain of Vanara, but two of the tablets contain tales relating to how Aperion summoned the High Houses of the Elifaen and gave them the Forty-Nine Bloodcoins.

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