Year 357 of the Second Age

The Year of the Iron-shod Chest

(25th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

The House of Tallin is recognized by Duinnor as a Named House of Men in honor of Leander Tallin, who was killed during the defense of Tulith Attis. The honor is bestowed upon his surviving son, Ullinessin, at the same time that many Men are similarly recognized by Duinnor in an effort to quell discontent. Ullinessin is also granted extensive land holdings in what would later be known as Tallinvale. He lays the first foundations of what would become Tallin Hall, and the structure that he builds utilizes timbers carefully preserved by his forebears from one of the old city-ships that first brought Men to the world. Tallin Hall would be added upon time and again by the generations of Tallins to follow, and would eventually be surrounded by a thriving town.

Extensive lands in the Eastlands nearby to Tulith Attis are also granted to Lowry Bosk, grandson of Bilaylin the Hammer who fought and died at Tulith Attis. In exchange, Bosk and his heirs would be required to see to the defense of the region by maintaining arms for that purpose. The lands are already occupied by members of the Bosk family, and they would eventually become an Honored House, with the right to petition the Kings of Duinnor. The Bosk holdings (called Boskland) take up most of what would later be called County Barley, but would shrink over time as various parcels are sold or deeded away.

The Locks of Karthia are completed, and soon the River Osterflo will become the primary trade route between Duinnor and Glareth. As a result, both Glareth and Duinnor prosper, while Tracia and the Eastlands diminish in power, wealth, and influence.

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