Year 362 of the Second Age

The Year of the Broom

(30th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

In the Eastlands Realm, King Inrick of Colleton dies and is replaced by his son, Inrick II. He will continue his father's levies of heavy tribute and taxation, which will further stifle trade with Colleton and with the Eastlands in general. He will also antagonize both Glareth and Tracia by demanding tariffs of Tracian ships that come to Eastlands ports or any ships bound for Tracia from Glareth.

King Thalamir of Glareth, under growing pressure from Duinnor, abdicates. However, he negotiated several important concessions, including naming his son Hereditary Ruling Prince of Glareth Realm, and the provision that none serving the Ruling Prince of Glareth would be required to serve as Kingsmen. King Thalamir's abdication will ensure the resumption of trade between Duinnor and Glareth, which badly needs the relief from a famine that threatens the realm. Indeed, many Glarethians believe that Thalamir only abdicated so that Duinnor would guarantee shipments of badly needed grain and food, a feeling that only increased his people's already strong support for the House of Beech.

Under Thalamir, Glareth has risen to become a powerful economic and military force, and its growing navy and maritime industries will continue to play an important role in history as the Second Age progresses. Thalamir was also responsible for instituting laws to protect the rights of citizens of Glareth Realm regardless of their race or family status (that is, whether Elifaen or mortal, and whether lord or commoner). The system of feudal lords and inconsistent laws that predated Thalamir will give way to uniform codes of justice and a judicial system relatively free from corruption. During his last years, he successfully advocated for a bicameral parliamentary system of rule under a Pact of Governance that codified the Glareth legal system.

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