Year 420 of the Second Age

The Year of the Winecork

(88th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

In Colleton, a conflict of feuding lords erupts upon the death of King Inrick II who has no heir. This quickly spreads throughout the coastal region as people refuse to pay taxes or tribute previously forced of them by the King. Lord Barsus, nephew of the dead king, manages to gain power, declaring himself king, and proclaims that the Eastlands will no longer be servient to Duinnor. This fuels riots and further bloodshed around Colleton and the city is almost entirely destroyed by fire.

Late in the year, combined forces from the Attis region and from Glareth converge on Colleton to force the ouster of Lord Barsus, who is killed in the fighting. Afterwards, Lord Tallin of Tallinvale is offered guardianship over the Eastlands as a Duinnor Prince, but he declines, serving to incite resentment against the House of Tallin by Duinnor. These events lead to the failure and dissolution of the Eastlands as an autonomous realm. Glareth is granted stewardship over the Eastlands, but disputes immediately spring up between Glareth and Tracia over territories bordering Eastlands and Tracia. This begins what is called by historians, the Era of Concession. During this fifty-year period, Duinnor exerts its power and wealth to impose its law upon the other Realms. Through tribute, intrigue, and trading might, Duinnor weakens the thrones of all the other Realms. One by one, the ruling houses of these realms falter, and their thrones are removed to Duinnor. At the end of this period, only Vanara and Glareth are still ruled directly by its sovereigns, though both Realms must pay what amounts to heavy tribute to Duinnor, and must enforce Duinnor Law within their realms (with a few minor exceptions).

In Duinnor, Lord Harstaff, First Lord of the High Chamber, dies mysteriously. The King appoints Lord Banis to take his place, becoming second in power only to the King. The black eagles that would later be associated with Banis take up their normal roost on the King's Tower where his High Chamber is located.

Esildre, daughter of Lord Banis, goes to Shatuum and becomes concubine of Secundur.

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