Year 470 of the Second Age

The Year of the Rudder

(138th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Duinnor Law and the King's Rule are imposed by various means on all the Seven Realms. Houses of Elifaen and certain Houses of Men are required to be recognized by Duinnor. Service to Duinnor is required of each Named House. The eldest living son of each House, or the Head of Household, is required upon pain of death to serve in the King's Army. If there is no son, heavy tribute must be paid by the House, or else its lands and property may be confiscated. In exchange, the estates of the Named Houses are to be recognized and protected by Duinnor. The minimum term of service for each Kingsman is twenty-five years or until released from active duty. From the most distinguished ranks are selected the Palace Guard and members of other important units. Over time, the Kingsman ranks are opened to professional soldiers who have distinguished themselves in other armies of Duinnor. Eventually, the Kingsman forces will number over 35,000 soldiers of all disciplines and will be divided into eight armies. Duinnor will continue to form and maintain its Regular Army and other armies of lesser prestige and discipline, mainly to provide fodder for the southern wars.

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