Year 485 of the Second Age

The Year of the Whetstone

(153rd Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

The first Leases of Forfeiture are taken by Duinnor on properties and estates in Vanara. These follow a general policy of confiscating property belonging to Houses that do not send their eldest son to serve in the Kingsmen ranks and are unable to pay the penalties for not sending an elder son or for having no elder son to send. New laws, instituted by Lord Banis, expands Forfeiture rules so that any property in any realm may be given over to Duinnor by lease, giving the King all rights to manage or dispose of the property. In order to preserve the rights to one's lands, heavy fees, called a Lease Tax, must be paid each year to Duinnor. By various means, Duinnor begins pressuring citizens of Vanara to leave their lands and properties. Strongly opposed by Queen Serith Ellyn and rulers of other realms, Duinnor threatens to withdraw military support or to levy tariffs on trade. However, Duinnor delicately manages its lease policies so that land acquisition is gradual. Many people will refuse to give Duinnor leases until forced to do so. Many of those who abandon their properties leave Vanara in an effort to reestablish themselves in other realms. Many travel to Glareth.

These practices are not supported by all in Duinnor. Some view them as contrary to basic principles of civil morality while other more conservative elements within Duinnor view the practice as undermining Vanara's ability to act as a defensive buffer against the Dragonkind.

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