Year 781 of the Second Age

The Year of the Burning Brazier

(449th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Danig Tallin and the Kingsman Fourth Army join with Fellfaere on an assault of Khanhar Pass to prevent the Dragonkind from completing their fortification work. They are met in the Blue Mountains north of the pass and a three-week battle ensues. The Dragonkind are reinforced from the south, but the Northmen succeed in driving them back into their incomplete fortifications at Khanhar Pass. Joined by fresh armies from Vanara and Duinnor, a second battle begins, and the Dragonkind abandon the pass and retreat. The victorious Northmen resume the work of the Dragonkind, seeking to make the pass secure from future attack, but, like the Dragonkind before them, they are hampered by shortages of water and supplies. Over the next five years, the Khanhar Pass will change hands several times with neither side able to hold the pass for very long. By the year 788, the pass will be abandoned by both sides, although each will continue to send forays through it to harass the other.

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