Year 786 of the Second Age

The Year of the Thorn Vine

(454th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Danig Tallin, now a general of the Kingsman Fourth Army, must defend Khanhar Pass with few men and dwindling supplies against a well-equipped force of Dragonkind. He is forced to withdraw all of his soldiers from the various outlying keeps and fortifications to the central fortress at the center of the pass. However, he is well-prepared, and by using cleverly constructed outerworks, and by strictly rationing his supplies, he wears down the Dragonkind who are never able to breach his defenses. After a six-week siege, the Dragonkind, exhausted, frustrated, and facing shortages of food and water, withdraw. Tallin is hailed as a great general.

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