Year 809 of the Second Age

The Year of the Glass Axe

(477th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Lord Tallin travels to Duinnor to carry a proper accounting of the tribute and treasure taken from Tallinvale and the surrounding regions. He shows that Duinnor's tax men have been engaged in embezzlement and begins a process by which many others will bring proof of the Treasury Minister's incompetence. Tallin has brought with him his son, Dalvenpar, and together they visit the Temple of Beras. While Tallin meets with various monks on private business, his son Dalvenpar meets Gurasa, who is in company with Collandoth. Gurasa accompanies the Tallins back to Duinnor for sight-seeing, and quickly befriends the two. Together they will travel east, first to Glareth by the Sea and then on to Tallinvale where Gurasa will stay for several months as a guest of Tallin Hall. During this time, he and Dalvenpar Tallin become close friends, with the older Dalvenpar acting as Gurasa's brotherly protector and teacher.

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