Year 829 of the Second Age

The Year of the Battering Ram

(497th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

After a long drawn-out trial, lasting almost two years, Gurasa is officially vindicated of any failure to prevent the sack of the Green Citadel. He is awarded an honored retirement and is removed from service to King Salzadur. He is dismissed from Tyrsharat and is commanded to depart without ceremony or celebration. This prompted grumbling among the soldiers and officers who served under Gurasa and who felt that their general should have been honored with great acclaim for his service. However, before departing Tyrsharat, Gurasa attended a private banquet hosted by officers and ranks. There, Gurasa sought to quell their discontent, and he spent a long evening shaking hands and thanking his soldiers for their loyalty and their service. And he made it clear that he did not desire to be their general any longer, saying that he was no longer fit for such duty. He thus averted a potential revolt. Gurasa would remain very popular with the Dragonkind people, but shunned by those in favor with King Salzadur. At last, Gurasa returns to his home in the desert town of Almedian where he is received as a hero.

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