Year 842 of the Second Age

The Year of the Thimble

(511th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

For the second time, a conquest of the Green Citadel takes place by forces from the Seven Realms. Although the Dragonkind stronghold is barely recovered from the first siege, the Seven Realms fare no better than before. The campaign lasts three years until the city falls. After its plunder, the forces of the north withdraw. They are unmolested until they reach Khanhar Pass where they are then pursued by a large force of Dragonkind. Fighting a bitter rearguard action through the mountains, the retreating Northmen are bottled up within several canyons where the Dragonkind unleash a series of well-laid ambushes. At one such place, later to be called Gory Gulch, terrible fighting takes place for two days as a beleaguered unit of Kingsmen attempts to fight its way through Dragonkind fighters. Had it not been for a rescue force sent by Vanara, all would have been lost. As it was, three in five Kingsmen are killed, including Aram Tallin. Two days after the remaining Kingsmen survivors are rescued (among which is Aram Tallin's sister, Mirabella). Vanaran forces trap a force of 2,000 Dragonkind in the same place, and a second battle begins. None of the Dragonkind survives.

Gurasa, living in Almedian, hears of the conflict but is not called to duty. He expressly forbids any of his people to join in the defense of the Green Citadel or in the pursuit of the retreating Northmen. As news reaches him of the sack of the Green Citadel and of the subsequent fighting in the Blue Mountains, he sinks deeper in to depression.

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