Year 846 of the Second Age

The Year of the Scales

(514th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

In Glareth, Sharyn Tallin reluctantly permits her son, Ullin Saheed Tallin (age 10) to return to Tallinvale. Ullin has been miserable and unhappy in Glareth, and it is her hope that he will be happier with his father's relatives. In Tallinvale, he is received somewhat coolly by his grandfather, Lord Tallin. However, Mirabella dotes on Ullin, he being one of the few people with whom she is willing to keep company. She continues to be reclusive, rebuffing visitors and suitors, and is rarely seen outside of Tallin Hall.

Several attempts are made to scale Tower Vendril in northeastern Duinnor Realm by driving spikes into the tower wall and, by a system of ropes, climbing up its side. However, the first climber dies when a spike gives way and he falls to his death. A month later, a second climber attempts to complete what the first had begun, but he freezes to death when a sudden blizzard sweeps through the region. His body remains dangling on his ropes while his remains are consumed by carrion. For many years, his skeleton can be seen, not even halfway up the tower, and bits of bone rain down periodically as the clothes and ropes holding the corpse together slowly rot away. Those living in the region are outraged at the defacement of what they have come to think of as their own tower, and they put a stop to any further climbing attempts on Tower Vendril.

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