Year 853 of the Second Age

The Year of the Candle

(521st Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Unrest in Tracia breaks out into civil war. Ruling Prince Lewtrah, who is unpopular with the people, is driven from the city and flees to Glareth. Various factions loyal to the Tracian throne fight on, particularly the Prince's brother, Prince Lantos. Antiroyalist forces unite under a triumvirate made up of noblemen Dargos Sagrin, Garg Bonovanti, and former general of the army Usler Vasos. Already, they control most of Tracia, and their followers, in their red surcoats and tunics, quickly overrun the Realm, imposing harsh laws and exacting high tributes. Prince Lantos fights on, but is poorly equipped and has few resources to call upon. Duinnor makes no move to send aid, though Glareth does in the way of naval support to evacuate Prince Lewtrah and his family.

Ullin Saheed Tallin departs for Duinnor to become a Kingsman. This act disappoints his grandfather, Lord Tallin, though it saves Tallinvale from paying the required "tribute in lieu of service." Due to his excellent education in Tallinvale, he will excel in every subject at the King's Academy.

In the Dragonlands, Gurasa and his daughter Micerea travel extensively, going to the Green Citadel, to Kajarahn, and to Tyrsharat. During these travels, he brings Micerea more into his confidence. He encourages her to appear silly and spoiled while in public in order to hide her true strength and her skills.

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