Year 856 of the Second Age

The Year of the Snuff Box

(524th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

A winter fever sweeps across the Eastlands. Robigor Ribbon and many others fall ill. He recovers, but others do not fare as well. By the end of the winter, one in ten in County Barley are dead, with some families entirely wiped out. Among the dead are several members of the Bosk family, including Harrald Bosk's two oldest sons, his wife, and his daughter. His youngest son, Garend Bosk, does not become sick, and neither does his wife or his children.

In Tracia, Prince Lantos' land forces are defeated at the Battle of the Marshlands. His navy, which has remained loyal to the throne throughout the civil war, has by now been deprived of supplies and men, but manages to rescue the Prince. Triumvirate naval forces pursue the Prince into Grisland Strait where a violent naval engagement ensues. The Prince escapes, owing to the brave and cunning actions of the Golden Swallow, commanded by Captain Martin Makeig, who turns his ship into the Triumvirate pursuers. The Triumvirate ships are all destroyed in the engagement, permitting the Prince to sail away unscathed. Elsewhere, Triumvirate ships and dockyards are sunk and burned by raiding corvettes, and all Loyalist craft are scuttled and burned to avoid their capture. Although defeated at Grisland Strait, the battle effectively seals the Triumvirate's control over all of Tracia. During the following years, the Red Trio, as they are called, will consolidate their power, turning the Realm into a virtual thralldom under their rule. Few estates remain intact as they are taken over by those favored by the Triumvirate. Crop failures and isolation from trade hamper Tracia's new rulers, who gradually move to increase their military forces.

Fresh from the Academy and eager to prove himself, Ullin takes part in the Battle of Garmitor against the Dragonkind, where he leads a platoon of Kingsmen who act as scouts and observers. His platoon bears the brunt of a night attack and Ullin is wounded along with many of his men. However, they hold their position and repulse the enemy until reinforcements arrive thereby thwarting a flanking move on the part of the Dragonkind. After the battle, he is cited for bravery and leadership and earns a field promotion to lieutenant commander. His eye for detail and his cunning tactics bring him to the notice of his superiors, and he is sent back to Duinnor for further training as an engineer and mapmaker while he recuperates from his wounds.

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