Year 858 of the Second Age

The Year of the Pine Cone

(526th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Under pressure from the local schoolmaster, Steggan Pradkin tries to force Sheila to attend school. Sheila rebels and receives a severe beating from Steggan and runs away from home, only to be caught stealing eggs from the Gladstens' nearby farm. This prompts a visit by the Sheriff of Barley, who is Mr. Bosk, and a visit by his wife, Frizella.

Ullin Saheed Tallin is sent on a long assignment to the old Eastlands Realm to make improvements to the out-of-date maps. He stays for several months in Passdale with the family of his aunt, Mirabella. As he roams around Barley surveying and making his maps, Sheila Pradkin dogs him, mercilessly pelting him with clots of dirt, and taunting him with names. Ullin retaliates by throwing her into the river, where she finds a basket of soap and other gifts he has left for her.

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