Year 859 of the Second Age

The Year of the Longbow

(527th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

In the Eastlands, Harrald Bosk, the Laird of Boskland, dies and his son, Garend, becomes the new laird. Among the old laird's accomplishments is the increased productivity of his estate. As well, Harrald Bosk worked with Alfred Greardon of Passdale (who would later become mayor of that town) to bring a school to the county and to find a suitable schoolmaster. When this was done, he prohibited the further use of children as workers anywhere on his estate without them first being able to read and write and perform basic arithmetic to the satisfaction of the schoolmaster, thus forcing parents to send their children to school. He claimed that this was to protect children from accident and injury before they were strong enough to work, and also to ensure that in future years those children would be better workers, craftsmen, and foremen. There was stiff resistance to this, since many children were needed as apprentices from an early age, and Garend Bosk, when he becomes laird, will continue seeking solutions to this conundrum over the next many years.

With the help of his friend Robigor Ribbon, Garend has already increased the wealth of his lands and his people by shipping crops and trade goods far and wide, down the Saerdulin, north to Glareth, and west through Janhaven to other regions. Garend has worked tirelessly since childhood for his estate, unafraid of working fields, repairing buildings and bridges, or whatever is required to see a task done. By the time he becomes Laird and receives the seal of his House, he is already a respected man of County Barley, having twice served as its sheriff. One of his first acts is to declare that all his tenants are to be given a greater share of the fruits of their labors, and he begins a system of paying them an annual wage in silver, and he halts the practice of collecting rent from those workers who live on his lands.

Having shown a great talent for mapmaking and other engineering arts, Ullin Saheed Tallin is recalled by Duinnor to serve again in Vanara on the southern frontier between Vanara and the Dragonlands. He is favored by members of the Duinnor High Command in Vanara, and is promoted to commander. With the promotion come several important assignments in the Dragonlands.

This summer, Sheila learns to fish, taught by a vagabond old man. Taking inspiration from this, she will also learn to hunt. She thus assures herself of food and begins to become healthier and stronger than before.

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