Year 863 of the Second Age

The Year of the Clothes Pin

(531st Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Ullin Saheed returns to Vanara from a long assignment in the Dragonlands. He is near death, sick from exposure, dehydration, and exhaustion. While recovering in hospital, he meets Collandoth who convinces him to apply to the King's Post as a special courier. Collandoth will unofficially be his direct superior (though Collandoth holds no rank). Collandoth and his secret colleagues use Ullin Saheed as a courier for their clandestine dispatches.

By now, Sheila Pradkin is visiting Frizella Bosk from time to time. Her visits will grow more frequent as Mrs. Bosk takes a liking to Sheila. Sheila brings herbs that she finds in the woods to Mrs. Bosk, and also game from time to time. In turn, Mrs. Bosk teaches Sheila somewhat of plant lore and remedies. However, Sheila's visits are infrequent and often short since she is wary of Mrs. Bosk's daughter, Raenelle. Nevertheless, she will look to Mrs. Bosk for companionship. It will be Mrs. Bosk who will explain to Sheila the womanly changes that are taking place in her.

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