Year 865 of the Second Age

The Year of the Bread Loaf

(533rd Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Ullin Saheed returns to Duinnor. He will continually travel to and from the west and the Eastlands for several years, carrying dispatches sent to and from Duinnor, Vanara, and Glareth by the Sea.

In Glareth by the Sea, exiled Prince Lewtrah dies suddenly. His death is something of a relief to Prince Carbane as well as many Tracian exiles, as he was never popular and was blamed for many of the woes that resulted in their exile. Prince Lantos, Lewtrah's younger brother, is declared the Ruling Prince in Exile by Glareth. Young, handsome, and dashing, his popularity with the Tracian people is immense. Upon hearing the news, there are several failed attempts to assassinate the Red Trio in Tracia, and several Tracian Generals are implicated. This only brings about widespread purges, and many people are imprisoned or executed. Others flee into the Eastlands, Masurthia, or to Glareth by the Sea.

Sheila Pradkin continues to suffer from her uncle's mistreatment. She spends more and more time away from the farm hunting, fishing, or even working the fields with other laborers in Boskland and elsewhere. From time to time, she receives beatings from Steggan, and more than once she fends off drunken assaults upon her.

Gurasa discovers that his daughter Micerea has the ability to dreamwalk, and he arranges a tutor for her.

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