Year 870 of the Second Age

The Year of the Red Door

(538th Year of the 6th Unknown King of Duinnor)

Raynor, long out of favor in Duinnor, learns of the fate of Navis (son of Lord Banis), and by letter he convinces Esildre, sister of Navis, to come out of her seclusion and travel to Duinnor. She reluctantly agrees and departs her castle for the first time in centuries.

The relationship between Sheila Pradkin and Robby Ribbon intensifies. They secretly meet and spend the night with one another whenever possible. At Midsummer's Firefeast, Robby gets into a fight as a result of hearing rude remarks made about Sheila by some Passdale boys. Robby's friends, Ibin Brinnin and Billy Bosk join in the fight and soundly trounce the Passdale boys. Meanwhile, Sheila, who knows that she is pregnant with Robby's child, determines that she must retreat from Robby. She fears that he will continue to get into trouble because of her, and she hopes to better herself to be a good mother to his child. She has made these plans already, aiming to go to Collandoth (called Ashlord in those parts) and convince him to take her in as a pupil. It is her hope that the wise man will help her learn quickly and become a better person for Robby and for Robby's child. On the day after the Firefeast, she visits Robby at the store to say goodbye. Their conversation is interrupted and she runs off. It will be the last time Robby will see her for several weeks. That night, while trying to gather her things from Steggan's farm, she is set upon by Steggan, who viciously beats and rapes her. Sheila escapes, going first to the Gladstens' farm which is the nearest. There she seeks help, but is turned away. She continues, severely wounded and knowing that she is losing the baby that she carries. She makes it to Boskland where Frizella manages to save her life, but not the life of the child. It will be from here that she goes to Tulith Attis, to see Collandoth. She does not know what else to do.

Steggan Pradkin is murdered, and the perpetrator remains a mystery.

Ullin Saheed returns to the Eastlands, preparing the way for Queen Serith Ellyn's party.

A great typhoon batters the eastern coastlines. Tracia and the Eastlands bear the brunt of the storm.

Robby Ribbon inadvertently rings the Great Bell of Tulith Attis.

Micerea discovers Robby Ribbon, who is a descendant of the Joined House of Tallin and Fairoak, and may become an important ally to the cause of her people's freedom.

After years of preparation, Tracian Redvest armies go on the march. Several battalions conduct surprise attacks in the Eastlands, driving northward occupying towns and villages for grain and supplies needed by Tracia for its main armies. County Barley is the northernmost of these forays, and is occupied.

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