Event XI of the Age of Strife

Kalzar, the King of the Dragonkind, hears of Alonair's skill and applies to him to fashion some sculpture to adorn his desert city. Alonair agrees but only if Kalzar provides a massive stone for the carving. It is to be placed in the center of the desert city, but must be cut from solid granite from far away in the western mountains. It is to be "nine times the height of Kalzar and the same in its width and breadth." That is, a cube of granite 80 cubits high, wide, and long (about 120 feet). Kalzar, his pride swollen by the whispers of Secundur, agrees to the impossible task, and decides to wrest the Great Stone needed by Alonair from the mountains and bring it to his city. Alonair promises to make a wondrous carving of it, once it is in its place.

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