Event XXII of the Age of Strife

Some of the Fallen Ones, calling themselves Elifaen, band together. Under leaders like Cupeldain, Katrina, Pyros, and Silmain, the plight of the Elifaen eases. They quickly learn to hunt and to make fire, and they learn about planting and harvesting and other things to relieve their suffering. Metal-making is rediscovered, too, and the art of weaving cloth. They struggle to further develop their writing, but it would be many years before there is any agreement among the different groups and clans scattered over the world. Still, the Elifaen build new cities and rebuild some of the old ones, and they create in them places of learning. Halethiris, once the center of Faerum, is also repopulated, and its tree-houses, topped with domes of gold-framed glass, located in the branches of the gargantuan trees of Halethiris Forest are reoccupied and somewhat restored. Meanwhile, Linlally, the primary city of Vanara, is rebuilt by Cupeldain and begins to flourish. Other settlements are established and begin to grow, such as Glareth by the Sea, Forlandis, and Colleton in the east, and Solsorna and Draymoor in the south.

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