Year 319 of the First Age

Silmain seizes the rich and fertile lands to the east of Vanara, across the River Iridelin, that are populated by many Elifaen who resist Vanara's authority. His unsuccessful bid to have the Nimbus Illuminas used to open a way for his people's departure has seriously diminished his political power and influence among the Elifaen, and the seizure of the eastern lands is his method of forcing cooperation and compliance with his rule.

Vanara is now fighting a defensive war along its southern borders as Dragonkind raids increase in frequency and drive deeper and deeper into Vanara with each passing year. Silmain knows that Vanara cannot defend against the Dragonkind without help, much less carry out an offensive campaign. He also knows that his own kind will not support any peace efforts to bring about truce, even if the Dragonkind could be enticed to parley.

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