Year 454 of the First Age

Silmain leads a small army into the Mirse region of Vanara to fend off a Dragonkind incursion. After heavy fighting, Silmain's army surrounds the Dragonkind, but Silmain realizes that his army is too small to contain them. Feigning that he has a greater force than he does, Silmain offers a truce to permit the Dragonkind to retreat through their lines and return back into the desert without harassment. However, Vanaran reinforcements arrive just as the Dragonkind reach the Nalamain Hills, and Silmain breaks his promise and attacks. It is a fierce battle, during which Silmain loses Ethliad, his sword, and is killed. In the confusion, the sword is not recovered, and it is presumed to have been carried away by escaping Dragonkind.

Silmain's death is viewed as a calamity and is followed by a period of division and strife among the Elifaen. Vanara rapidly declines in power as various Elifaen factions seek to break away from Vanaran rule. Silmain's sons, Heneil and Pellen, are offered the throne by a coalition of Vanaran Elifaen, but they decline. Cupeldain, fearing violence, recalls his army from the Dragonlands to face threats at home. Meanwhile, the Dragonkind, due to tribal squabbles and a series of power-struggles, fail to take advantage of the Elifaen conflicts.

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