Year 496 of the First Age

Churadu imposes a class system in the Dragonlands. Those favored by the Throne are provided with darakal more frequently than those less favored. While this system limits any widespread benefit from darakal that the Dragonkind population might gain, it serves to further solidify the power of the Kalzar Dynasty. It will also create class boundaries within the whole of the Dragonlands. Those who are favored with plentiful darakal herb will become the Alziekfria, the relatively healthy ruling class of Dragonkind lords and leaders. Those less fortunate, who do not receive darakal very often, will become the Drago. The Drago will become the working class, not much better off than slaves. It will be the Drago who will form the bulk of the Dragonkind's armies, for it quickly becomes a priority to supply the Dragonkind armies with darakal in preference over ordinary people. Thus the Drago who are not conscripted often willingly join the armies in order to have the herb that they would not otherwise receive. Those Drago who perform well in the army, or in any valued trade, are often sponsored by members of the Alziekfria class and given even greater portions of darakal as reward for their service. Over time, the Drago and Alziekfria classes will fluctuate, depending on who, in particular, enjoys the favor of the current Dragonkind ruler.

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