Year 620 of the First Age

The coastal region of Altoria, under the rule of Queen Therona of the House of Fairwillow, grows and becomes an important ally to Vanara. It lies at the southernmost portion of the world, along the treacherous Craggy Sea. This area of the sea is covered by thousands of square miles of shallow shoals, jagged rocks, and sharp reefs beaten by tides and waves and churning currents. Boats attempting to cross it are shattered, and many Dragonkind and Elifaen alike are killed attempting its navigation.

Altoria's armed forces, though few in number, are easily able to contain Dragonkind forays through the Hinderlands, a vast land of marsh and swamp at the foot of the Tulivana Mountains that stretch north and south and acts as an additional barrier between the deserts and the green lands to the east of the mountains. Altoria has robust fishing, shipbuilding, and other maritime industries, but it poses no threat to the Dragonkind, nor vice-versa, due to the unnavigable Craggy Sea that lies offshore between the two enemies.

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