Year 744 of the First Age

The tenuous Accord of Sianne is broken when a band of Elifaen raiders strike a large Dragonkind caravan making its way from Alaberbra (later to be called Kajarahn) to Calamandor (the Green Citadel). Several of the slain are members of high-ranking Dragonkind families. The perpetrators are soon revealed to Cupeldain who then seeks their capture. He succeeds in arresting four of the leaders of the raid, along with fifty of their followers. They are sentenced to death and executed by being cast from the summit of the Falls of Tiandari in Linlally. However, before others can be brought to justice, a party of Dragonkind assassins is dispatched into Vanara to carry out reprisals. They murder over a hundred Elifaen in various regions of Vanara, including seventeen Elifaen lords and High Councilors. These attacks of the Dragonkind and the Elifaen upon each other quickly lead to widespread hostilities.

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