Year 810 of the First Age

Cupeldain, like his predecessor, tires of war and strife. Like Silmain before him, he calls a council to bring together all of the Forty-Nine Keys (or Bloodcoins). Members of the High Houses of the Elifaen come to Linlally from all over the world. Cupeldain's proposal is opposed by many, including the Halethiris Elifaen under King Ilex who wields considerable influence, and Secundur works behind the scenes to spread discord. However, Ormace of the House of Fairbirch is the most outspoken opponent to Cupeldain's plan, and Ormace threatens to destroy those Seven that were entrusted to him by Aperion. In an attempt to preserve peace, the Seven High Houses decide to re-divide the Forty-Nine amid fears that one House might use its Seven to depart without the consent of the others. The Forty-Nine Bloodcoins of the Nimbus Illuminas are re-divided, each House taking one of its own and one from each of the other six Houses. Cupeldain is heartbroken, but he becomes determined to end the continual feuding among his people.

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