Year 823 of the First Age

Princess Islindia of Halethiris is kidnapped by Secundur after he murders her lover and makes the blame fall upon Islindia's brother. He strives to convince her to become his bride, but she rebuffs him. She is rescued by her brother and her father, King Ilex, and in retaliation, Secundur lays a terrible blight upon the forest that will destroy it and all its inhabitants within a season. Only King Ilex and his daughter Islindia are spared so that they may witness the destruction. In an effort to save his forest, King Ilex attempts to conjure time so that it will not pass, but his spells go awry. The forest quickly declines, and the great trees die and fall. However, the spells have unexpected results. Islindia is given back her wings that were lost in her Scathing, and the King along with all his guard are transformed into spirits of the wood. By year's end, the forest is all but destroyed, becoming a forlorn abandoned place filled with strange and uncanny spirits and haunted by the melancholy Islindia and her father's spirit. He eventually becomes known as the King of the Wood, and she as Queen of the Wood. Over the years, many will venture into the forest to explore the place and to learn its secrets, but the few who manage to emerge are reduced to deep melancholy and madness, unable to say or express clearly what they witnessed within. Eventually the place becomes known as Forest Islindia and is considered by most a forbidden land.

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