Year 947 of the First Age

King Barindon, hearing of the troubles besetting the House of Faircedar, invites Lucinda to come with her people to Masurthia. At first Lucinda is reluctant, but when seven Masurthian ships arrive to be their transport, she agrees to go. Against the advice of King Gardin, Lucinda departs with her husband, daughter and two sons, along with many others of their household. However, many of her people choose to remain in Glareth, and they renounce all ties to Faircedar.

Lucinda's ships are beset with many problems, and only three of the seven will make it to Forlandis in Tracia. Among those lost at sea along the way are Lucinda's husband and many members of her household. Lucinda and the survivors of her people remain in Forlandis for the winter, and plan the last leg of their journey to Masurthia.

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