Year 967 of the First Age

In spite of growing pressure and discontent among her ministers and people, Queen Therona still refuses to show her Bloodcoins. Three of her ministers take matters into their own hands and force their way into the Altorian Royal Vaults only to discover that the Bloodcoins are missing. At first they confront Queen Therona, who attempts to have the ministers arrested and executed for treason. Instead, the arresting guard escorts the ministers to a place of safety, then they make known the fact of the missing Bloodcoins. Within days revolt threatens to overthrow the Queen and riots take place as she is called upon to produce the Bloodcoins or to explain what happened to them. When a mob tries to storm her palace, several people are killed by the Royal Guard. At last, facing dethronement and public humiliation, she agrees to abdicate to the popular Prince Felthain of the Altorian House of Mulberry. Felthain places Therona under guard and she is exiled to a villa in northern Altoria. She refuses to say what happened to the Bloodcoins.

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