Year 971 of the First Age

The Battle of Tamkal Plain takes place. King Salkasin of the Dragonkind seeks to establish a line of keeps and fortresses along the northern borders of the Dragonlands. The Elifaen, fearing that these would be used to protect an invading army, begin a campaign to disrupt their construction and to destroy those already completed. Salkasin leads a large army north and east, aiming to go around the Nalamain Hills in order to outflank the Elifaen. Learning of this, King Parthais of Vanara leads his own army into position ahead of Salkasin's columns to meet them on the Tamkal Plain. There, Parthais and Salkasin face each other in battle and fight in personal combat, King against King. After a long, hard duel, Parthais is victorious, Salkasin is slain, and the Dragonkind are routed. Elifaen casualties are high, and include many Firstborn.

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