Year 1156 of the First Age

The rule of Parthais grows more unjust. In a fit of rage, he orders the execution of all Elifaen scribes who still refuse to use the New Writing and the destruction of all books, scrolls, and tablets that bear any other writing. Lost are over four hundred scribes and learned ones and untold numbers of records and written works throughout Vanara. However, many anticipate the order given by Parthais, and many thousands of manuscripts and works of writing are removed to Duinnor and to far away Glareth by the Sea, along with a sudden migration of fleeing scribes and scholars. Duinnor and Glareth welcome these refugees, and this begins Duinnor's period of ascendancy as a place of learning and scholarship. It also marks the beginning of Duinnor's influence in the world. These events will come to be known as the Purge of Scholars. When Lord Banis, High Judge of Vanara, refuses to cooperate with Parthais, he flees Vanara with his son and two daughters, Navis, Atlana, and Esildre. They will remain in hiding at a remote castle in northern Vanara.

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