Year 1160 of the First Age

Parthais is angered by Duinnor's acceptance of Vanaran refugees, including many scholars who bring with them thousands of books and scrolls. He sends his ambassadors to Duinnor, claiming that the books and scrolls were taken from Vanara illegally, and he demands their return. Parthais also demands that all Vanarans are to be expelled by Duinnor. Parthais threatens war with Duinnor should his demands be refused. He sends similar demands and threats to Glareth by the Sea. Both Duinnor and Glareth ignore the claims and demands of Parthais. However, later this year, Duinnor begins the construction of defensive works intended to thwart Parthais should he carry out his threats. A line of these works will later become the walls that will surround Duinnor City.

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