The Reader's Companion
The Year of the Red Door

The Reader's Companion to The Year of the Red Door ISBN: 978-1-944320-53-9

The Only Authoritative Guide
to the World of The Year of the Red Door

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In the year 316 of the Third Age, a group of men and women compiled a collection of information and resources that would shed light on how the previous age ended and how their own epoch began. Working at the Great Library of Darini, they assembled this companion using records, documents, and first-hand accounts gathered from decades of expeditions. This Companion is the result of their work.

You've read the story. Now read the stories behind the story!

This Companion is prepared especially for readers eager to know more about the history, the characters, the magic, and the world of The Year of the Red Door. Replete with stories, definitions, timelines, maps, and a plethora of resources, this authorized compendium brings together a wealth of answers and observations.

  • A Glossary defining over 500 names, places, and things.
  • A Chronology listing over 200 significant events.
  • 24 Biographical Sketches, Tales, and Backstories.
  • 17 Historical Sketches and Tales, including accounts of significant battles, including the naval Battle of Grisland Strait and the Battle of the Soltani Pass.
  • 12 detailed maps
  • Essays and Explanations about Calendars, the Elifaen, and Literacy
  • A contemporary newspaper supplement describing Eighteen Objects of Power.
  • Histories of all Seven High Houses of the Elifaen, including a detailed account of how Lyrium survived the massacre at Tulith Attis.

  • And So Much More!
    Answers to many questions, such as...

  • How did Lyrium lose her Bloodcoins?
  • Why are Ashlord and Raynor the only surviving Melnari?
  • Who were those spirits that haunted the lake at Lochton?
  • Who ended up possessing Ethliad, the Sword?
  • What did Lord Tallin do to receive the Ring of Valor?
  • Why was the Battle of Grisland Strait so important?
  • Who was Mar Henith? And why was he such a dangerous opponent to Lord Tallin?
  • How did Esildre save the King of Glareth's life?
  • Who created the Ring of Hearing, and how did Lyrium come to possess it?
  • Which two of Robby's ancestors died at Tulith Attis?
  • How did Billy and Ibin become inseparable friends?
  • What did Captain Makeig's ship, the Golden Swallow, have to do with the old bridge tender in Passdale?
  • What convinced Raynor to send Tyrin to bring Esildre to Duinnor?

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