The Reader's Companion
The Year of the Red Door
Your guide is on its way...
(That means William is still working on it.)

The authoritative guide to The Year of the Red Door, this is a compendium of material taken directly from the author's notes. Including stories and materials never before published, this guide is indispensable to understanding the scope of events that led up to The Year of the Red Door.

The Reader's Companion is divided into easy-to-use sections, complete with a chronology, a glossary, Biographies, essays, and maps.

  • A glossary defining over 500 names, places, and things.
  • A Chronology listing over 200 significant events.
  • Selected Biographies and Backstories and Histories of dozens of characters.
  • 12 detailed maps
  • 5 Essays
  • A Newspaper supplement describing Eighteen Objects of Power.
  • Histories of all Seven High Houses of the Elifaen.
  • Full descriptions of four significant battles, including the Battle of Grisland Strait and the Battle of the Marshlands.
  • And more!

  • Answers to many questions, such as...

  • How did Lyrium lose her Bloodcoins?
  • Why are Ashlord and Raynor the only surviving Melnari?
  • Who were those spirits that haunted the lake at Lochton?
  • What did Lord Tallin do to receive the Ring of Valor?
  • Why was the Battle of Grisland Strait so important?
  • Who was Mar Henith? And why was he such a dangerous opponent to Lord Tallin?
  • Where, exactly, is Castle Elmwood?
  • What sixteen year old girl became Queen of the Dragonlands and set about rebuilding a powerful army?
  • Which two of Robby's ancestors died at Tulith Attis?
  • What did Captain Makeig's ship, the Golden Swallow, have to do with the old bridge tender in Passdale?
  • What island was used as a place of exile?

  • Find the answers to these questions and many more in...

    The Reader's Companion to the Year of the Red Door
    Coming Soon!

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