The Year of the Red Door
Volume 5
To Touch a Dream ISBN: 978-1-944320-39-3
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Who Comes to Rule the Darkness?

Who Comes to Remake the World?

A New King

  Like No Other Before...

The Dramatic Conclusion of

The Year of the Red Door

The world teeters on the brink of destruction. There is only one hope. Only one chance to keep old promises, to heal old wounds, and to end, once and for all, the conflicts that torment the world.

There is only one way to do it.
And only one person who can bring it all to pass.

He has been called many names.
Robby Ribbon. Hidden One. Bellringer. Dreamwalker. Philawain. King.

There is yet one name that he must earn. And he is determined to do so. But even he cannot conceive the consequences.

For if he succeeds, all the world and every living thing within it will be forever changed.

To Touch a Dream

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To Touch a Dream

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