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The Year of the Red Door is an epic fantasy adventure tale that focuses on the final 244 days of the "Second Age."    What happens during those eventful days is the culmination of thousands of years of history, going back to a time of myth and legend.    Like all histories, the epochs preceding The Year of the Red Door are full of the triumphs and tragedies of individuals and groups.   This website is where you can discover some of that history and read about the figures who shaped it.

Some events, such as the Fall of the Faere and the discovery of Griferis, are detailed in the story since they have a direct bearing upon the outcome.   But many other events leading up to the fateful Year of the Red Door are only incidentally mentioned within the tale itself.    However, some of you might desire to know more.   You might wonder why the years are named, or perhaps you are curious about how Sir Sun and Lady Moon were parted from one another.    Or you might wish to know more about the Great Dragonkind Invasion, that seminal event during which the defenders of Tulith Attis were besieged and so horrendously betrayed.   Such stories, and many more, are contained within The Reader's Companion to the Year of the Red Door (not yet published), and a small portion of that collection has been provided by the author to be included on this website. He also provided the same Chronology of Events that he used when composing the story.

And so, this website is not solely for promoting the story, but it is more about fulfilling interest in the tale and in the "stories behind the story."   Readers of The Year of the Red Door who also peruse these pages will certainly make insightful connections between the information here and various aspects of the tale, connections that the author hopes will deepen the understanding and enjoyment of The Year of the Red Door.

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask the author!

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