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I'm flattered that you want to interview me. I'll be even more flattered if you observe just a few suggestions. These suggestions might make me seem like an old curmudgeon, but I'm really a pretty nice guy. I'm a busy person, and you probably are, too. So I hope these suggestions will save both of us time and get our relationship off to a great start.

I want you to succeed, so I really do want to work with you!

       Be at least somewhat familiar with what I have written before you contact me. If you haven't read The Year of the Red Door in its entirety, it will be apparent to those who have. Let me know right off if that's the case so that we can come up with some ways around any such awkwardness. I want you to be successful because that will help me be more successful, too. If you need review copies (at no cost to you), you can submit a request via the Review Copy Request Form.

       If your audience is primarily made up of readers, and not aspiring writers, try to steer away from generic questions about the "writing process" and focus more on themes and aspects of The Year of the Red Door that your particular audience would be interested in. For example, if your audience is generally readers of romance stories, you might like to focus on the romantic relationships within The Year of the Red Door. If, on the other hand, your audience is composed mainly of readers who like fantasies with strong female characters, then perhaps we can delve into the important women characters who guide and drive the story. Or, if your audience is made up of history buffs, perhaps they might be interested in some of the historical information and research that went into The Year of the Red Door. Those are just a few examples of how you might find an interesting angle for your audience. Since The Year of the Red Door seems to appeal to a variety of readers, there's bound to be some aspect or angle that you can use for your audience.

       If your audience is primarily aspiring writers, then you might be able to find examples from The Year of the Red Door to frame your questions about the craft of writing. For example, your audience might be interested in aspects of worldbuilding. Or perhaps they'd be grateful if you asked about why I used certain manners of speech for some characters and not for others, and how doing that can contribute to a story. If your audience would be more interested in book production, marketing, or even some how-to tips for organizing the work for a massive epic, then I certainly have information (and maybe a little wisdom) that I can pass along!

       You know your audience better than I do! So I would appreciate a briefing on your audience, their needs, likes, and interests. I'm something of a data geek, so don't worry about providing too much information! Whatever you are able to tell me about your audience will help me provide good value to your audience and to you.


If you still want to interview me, then scroll on down to the Interview Request Form below.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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