Selections from the Reader's Companion

Below are links to specific excerpts selected from the Reader's Companion, courtesy of the Author.

About The Reader's Companion to the Year of the Red Door
The Reader's Companion, based on the author's notes, is a concise reference to events, people, and places mentioned within The Year of the Red Door.

In addition to the above, the Reader's Companion includes, among other information, the following:

  • A Chronology of Events (from the beginning of the world)
  • A Glossary of Names, Places, and Events
  • Maps
  • Genealogies
  • Eighteen Objects of Power
  • Character Backstories
  • Tales of the Seven High Houses
  • ...and Much More!

  • NOTE:
    The Reader's Companion is not yet generally available. When it is published, an announcement will be made on this website.


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