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Below you will find basic descriptions of the Main Characters.
You can find more complete and detailed information within
The Reader's Companion to the Year of the Red Door.

Robby Ribbon -- Store clerk in his father's general store. Son of Robigor and Mirabella Ribbon. Among other gifts, he has the uncanny ability to untie knots, and unfasten locks, and to open things that are barred, sealed, or shut.

Sheila Pradkin -- Girl of County Barley, ward of Steggan Pradkin. Sheila is Robby's friend and lover. She hardly remembers her parents and does not know who they are. She was given over to Steggan Pradkin under mysterious circumstances, likely having to do with the dangers of the Redvests who had taken over her homeland.

Ashlord/Collandoth -- A Melnari, called Ashlord by Men, Collandoth by Elifaen. Sometimes referred to as Collandoth the Wanderer, and sometimes known as Collandoth the Watcher. He is very old, though he does not appear very old, with long black hair and beard, barely touched by gray. He has had a varied and complicated career. He has been at various times a mystic, warrior, witch-hunter, teacher, academic, diplomat, and counselor to Queen Serith Ellyn and many other high lords and ladies. Some regard Collandoth as a holy man. He has a Familiar in the form of a small owl, called Certina.

Billy Bosk -- Son of Garend and Frizella Bosk, brother of Raenelle. Good friend of Ibin Brinnin, Robby Ribbon, and Sheila Pradkin. Billy was named after his ancester, Bilaylin Bosk, who was known as Bilaylin the Hammer.

Ibin Brinnin -- Young man of County Barley, close friend of Billy Bosk. It is thought that a sickness while a young child scarred his mind so that even as an adulthood he seemed childlike and slow-witted. He has a speech disorder so that he tends to stammer and run his words together. He was orphaned when his parents died. He was taken in by the Bosk family.

Ullin Saheed Tallin -- Kingsman and veteran of many desert campaigns. He is the grandson of Lord Danig Tallin, son of Aram and Sharyn Tallin, and Mirabella's nephew. For a while, Ullin Saheed performed clandestine missions into the desert, and it was during one of those that he met and fell in love with Micerea, a Dragonkind woman. He was later assigned to the Post Riders as a Special Courier, reporting directly to Collandoth (Ashlord).

Mirabella Ribbon -- Mother of Robby Ribbon, wife of Robigor Ribbon, daughter of Lord Danig Tallin. Mirabella is Elifaen, as was her mother and two older brothers (all three of whom are deceased). She is much older than her husband, but since she is Elifaen she has the appearance of a young woman. She became estranged from her father when she married Robigor Ribbon.

Micerea -- Dragonkind woman, dreamwalker, conspirator, instructor to Robby Ribbon. Daughter of Gurasa, the great Dragonkind general.

Esildre -- A Firstborn Elifaen of the House of Elmwood who, with her brother, was instrumental in the victory over the Dragonkind at the Battle of Saerdulin. She was later cursed by Secundur. As a result, if her eyes meet any other person's, the two will be filled with a terrible and licentious desire for one another. The result is almost always that the person who succumbs to Esildre's curse will go mad and shortly thereafter commit suicide. She is the daughter of Lord Banis of Duinnor, who is corrupt and second only to the King in power. It was her father, Lord Banis, who sent Esildre to Secundur in order to seal a pact between himself and the Lord of Shadow. And it was when Esildre escaped Secundur's clutches, some centuries later, that Secundur cursed her.

Martin Makeig -- Former captain in the Tracial Royal Navy. He saved Prince Lantos and other members of the Tracian royal family at the Battle of Grisland Strait. Although victorious, Makeig's ship was sunk during the engagement. Makeig and a few of his men made it ashore, but were pursued by the Redvests. After an arduous journey, Makeig and a few of his men found their way Hill Town (in the Thunder Mountains), a kind of refuge and haven of Loyalist men, women, and children. Makeig's men soon formed the central core of defenders of Hill Town, with Martin Makeig their leader.

Raynor -- A Melnari, sometimes called Raynor the Wise. It was Raynor who was in charge of the Kingsman Academy for many years, losing his position when he fell out of favor. He turned to tutoring and book selling. Esildre and her brother, Navis, were students of Raynor. He has a Familiar in the form of a rabbit, called Beauchamp.

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